About Us


Our Mission

ARTFX recognises the heightened sense of meaning in bringing professional multimedia services to the individual rather than the business or company. As technology is becoming more accessible it has become all too easy for people to hoard digital data. ARTFX is committed to sorting through your digital clutter to find, collate and archive what matters most.

Our Story

ARTFX was established by multimedia designer Christina No. She started out teaching herself graphic design and video editing to aid with the family business. After completing her Bachelor's in Psychological Science, she pursued a degree in Multimedia Design. Christina has been contracting for individuals, businesses, and non-profits since 2013.

ARTFX was born in 2021 with the simple idea to bring multimedia services to the individual. To do this, we introduced the "Pay-what-you-feel" (PWYF) pricing strategy for Video Editing services. For both designers and clients, it changes an adversarial zero-sum conflict centred on price into a friendly win-win exchange centred on value and trust.

This shift in the dynamic between designer and client is the essence of ARTFX. Enquire today to see how we can help you.