Digital Tidying

The Digital Tidying System

We declutter your devices.

Examples include:

  • Organising music files in Spotify into playlists
  • Tidying the apps on your mobile device
  • Rearranging documents into folders on your computer
  • Sorting your media files into albums on a hard drive

First, we identify your habits. This helps our Lead Organiser create a system that is tailored to you. Once we understand your needs we begin the 3 step process to Digital Tidying.

Step one: Simplify. We permanently delete redundant files.
Step two: Clarify. We begin sorting files. This process will be unique to you.
Step three: Unify. The Lead Organiser will ensure new files can be integrated into the system.

Custom-tailored services

We can arrange a recurring service so that ARTFX can maintain your tidy devices. Please contact us so we know how we can help you.

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