Video Editing

Create unique and everlasting movies

We will transform your clumsy home video recordings into unique and everlasting movies personal to you, helping you to archive your precious moments.

Examples of projects we can undertake are:

  • Travel videos
  • Compiling of old, forgotten footage
  • Tutorials
  • Gaming footage
  • Event videos
  • Pets
  • Random videos that you don't know what to do with but are too precious to delete!

Benefits of compiling videos into movie files

Compiling your media into edited movie files will ensure the media you keep is worth the watch. No more scrolling through embarrassing shaky footage to show off the 3 seconds of meaningful video to a friend! Get straight to the point in style.

Technical benefits include optimising for space and performance on your device. A 10-minute video usually only contains 1-2 minutes of quality footage worth keeping. That means you could save 80% more space by having your media compiled into one file.

Using our unique 'Pay What You Feel' model you can be sure you're not paying exorbitant production costs to keepsake your precious memories.